Estate Planning

Your Concerns Answered

“We have family to take care of” 

Without question, your family comes first.  People often believe they don’t have enough to share beyond family.  It doesn’t have to be an “either/or” scenario.  Review the tax savings from giving to MDHF and you may be able to leave even more for your family members.

“That’s for rich people, we’re not rich”

You may be surprised to know we receive gifts of every size, and all are appreciated and needed. Each gift supports the hospital and allows us to keep abreast of evolving practices and the latest equipment.  

“I don’t know any lawyers” 

Start with asking for recommendations from people you know, friends and family. 

The Ontario Law Society has a listing of lawyers by type.  Look for those who do estate planning: 

“I may change my mind” 

We understand that your circumstances may change, and this does happen. Through consultation with your lawyer, you can adjust your Will at any time.

Any question or concerns?

Let us answer any further concerns or questions you may have.

Deborah Bauder, CFRE
Director, Gifts & Estate Planning