Dorothy Featherston took her first flight when she was ninety years old and on the same trip she also had the opportunity to ride a motorcycle for the first time in her life.  While it is evident that Dorothy was adventurous, she was also firmly committed to her family, church and community.     

This commitment is demonstrated in a generous bequest that Dorothy made to Milton District Hospital Foundation to support the purchase of equipment.  Dorothy had the opportunity to tour the hospital to see the expansion and she was proud of the new facility.  Through her bequest, Dorothy named an in-patient room for herself and her husband, Ralph, who passed away nine years before.  She was grateful for the medical care that she and her family had received over the course of their lives and she wanted to give back.   The importance of giving back to the community was consistent throughout Dorothy’s life.  She often volunteered at Bethel United Church, doing everything from baking to organizing euchre parties.   

Dorothy passed away in August 2019 at the age of 98.  She felt that it was important to leave a legacy for her community.  Dorothy’s legacy is even more profound than she may have realized.  Her family created a book of her recipes including marmalade and zucchini relish so that they can continue to enjoy the tastes that remind them of Dorothy.  Brian Penman, the Chair of Milton District Hospital Foundation, had the opportunity to meet with Dorothy when she was making her bequest.  He recalls, “Dorothy was excited about how much our hospital has grown.  She was pleased that her contribution would ensure that our medical staff have the equipment and technology they need to save lives and provide high quality health care to our patients.  The ripple effects of Dorothy’s generosity will be seen and felt throughout our community for years to come.” 

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