Estate Planning

Gifts Outside Your Will

To add or change a beneficiary on these gifts, you need to request a beneficiary form or a change of beneficiary form from the institution holding your fund or policy to provide a gift for the Milton District Hospital Foundation. Once you’ve returned the form to your institution, do confirm they have a record of your wishes

Life Insurance

Do you have a policy that is no longer useful for you or family? Would you like to give a larger gift than you otherwise thought possible? If so, consider:

  • Transferring the policy’s ownership to MDHF= tax receipt today on the value of an existing policy, and on future premium payments on a new or existing policy.
  • Making MDHF a beneficiary = tax receipt for your estate

Retirement Funds – RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, Mutual Funds

You earned it – enjoy it. When you no longer have need of them, consider making OHF a beneficiary on any of these funds, giving your estate significant tax savings. These gifts are distributed outside your estate, avoiding probate and keeping your Will private.

We strongly encourage you to speak with your family and advisors about the most advantageous beneficiary for your circumstances.

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Deborah Bauder, CFRE
Director, Gifts & Estate Planning